Chocolate Truffles (Prebiotic)



20g Coconut oil

20g Dark chocolate

10g Stevia granules

30g Inulin

4 tsp Almond milk/coconut milk

2 tsp Almond butter

10-15g Cacao powder for dusting and rolling.

  1. In a glass bowl melt the coconut oil, stevia, dark chocolate, almond butter and almond milk in a bain-marie.

  2. Blitz the stevia granules to form a fine powder.

  3. Add the inulin and stevia to the chocolate mixture and combine well.

  4. Set the bowl with the chocolate mixture in the fridge until hard.

  5. Once set, spoon out truffle sized amounts of the mixture onto a cacao dusted work surface, roll around in the cacao powder until coated evenly.

Note: add chopped nuts, or one roasted hazelnut in the middle, coat with toasted coconut flakes or toasted chopped almonds for variety in flavour and texture.

mellissa laycy