Nuzest Green Coconut balls


  • 40g Coconut oil

  • 60g Creamed coconut (grated).

  • 20g Coconut flour

  • 60ml Coconut milk

  • 1tsp Stevia granules

  • 15g Good Green Stuff by Nuzest

  • 10g Dessicated coconut flakes (for rolling).


  1. In a small pan gently heat the coconut oil, creamed coconut and coconut milk.

  2. Remove from the heat and add the coconut flour, stevia and good green stuff.

  3. Once the mixture has sufficiently cooled and started to harden a little you can roll the mixture to form bite sized balls (roughly 10-12g each).

  4. Dust each ball liberally in desiccated coconut and leave to set on grease proof paper.

mellissa laycy