Coffee... drug in a mug?

Yes I do drink coffee! But everyones systems are different and the amount you consume (and how) has varying effects on your mind and body. So let's look at the pro's and cons of drinking coffee.

The Pro's... 

1. Coffee is an antioxidant! It protects you from free radical damage and is even anti aging. 

2.  Helps with weight loss - people who drink black, organic coffee and use it wisely can use it as a tool to gain stamina and help endurance with work outs and thereby loose weight.

 3. Coffee has been shown to improve cognitive function and has been used to improve many patients conditions with Parkinson's and altzeimers.  

4. Coffee has also been shown to improve depression amongst patients. 



The cons...

1. Can cause anxiety - caffine can trigger an anxious response in the body and cause your brain to race with worrisome thoughts and your heart beat to get faster. If you are prone to anxiety then coffee is most likely not going to be your friend.

2. Caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns - drinking coffee too late in the day can drastically effect the quality of sleep you get. It takes approximately 5 hours for coffee to process out of your system, so I recommend to only drink it before lunch to ensure a deep and well rested sleep.

3. Adrenal fatigue - coffee addiction can lead to an override of our bodies natural response to rest and this can put undue pressure on our adrenal glands and also hormones. Being in touch with when your body needs to 'stop' is essential for the growth and repair of your cells and also good mental health.


You do not fit in a box, coffee is neither right nor wrong! It is entirely dependent on the needs for each and every individual There is no one size fits all to anything these days... Listening to your body.

My only advice on the subject is to either go for a bullet proof coffee or simply... drink it black, drink it organic and don't add sugar!  



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