The Sugar Police

The Sugar Police... a nick name given to me by my friends and family 👮🏼‍♀️ 🍬🤣 With "Sugar Free February" on the horizon let's look at the ins and outs of why it has come under such scrutiny.

You might be shocked to know that even in 'healthy foods' such as fruit juice, granola and low fat yoghurt a tonne of hidden sugars lurk and many of you saw my recent Instagram story outing a 500ml bottle of cola as only having 1g more sugar than the same sized glass of apple juice.

So why is sugar bad?

An overload of sugar in the system aggravates so many essential processes in our bodies. It causes inflammation which is the common factor in all degenerative disease, it greatly effects our mental health and mood swings, it is closely linked with heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, cancer, obesity and dementia too.

Fact - sugar is more addictive than cocaine and stimulates the same part of the brain as the illgal white substance.

Gut Health - my favourite topic!  ever heard of candida overgrowth or thrush? It is caused by too much sugar in our diet. Our good microbes like to eat prebiotics foods such as sauerkraut and chicory root to help them thrive, sugar on the other hand feeds the bad microbes which means our micro-biome gets seriously our of balance and when our guts out of balance it's game over!

Some sweet ideas for sugar free feb👇

•Pure stevia.

•Creamed coconut - different & sweeter than coconut oil.

•Dark chocolate.

•Go full fat wherever possible.

•Don't be mislead by health claims and lables.

•Inulin powder - prebiotic & perfect for keto.

•Toasted coconut flakes.

•Dry roasted nuts.

•Monk fruit.

•Eat sweeter whole foods like sweet potato which helps to crowd out cravings.

•Ditch the carbs for healthy high fat foods 🥑

•Watch "That Sugar Film', If you're craving sugar constantly there may be a deeper issue such as a magnesium deficiency, a gut flora imbalance or maybe even a deep seated emotional issue. If you would like to go on the waiting list to work with me in March when my next spot opens please DM me for more details.


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