How I healed my gut

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If you've been following my work you will know that my whole philosophy is to heal yourself from within and gut health is a huge part of that.

When I healed my own gut not only did my digestion improve but the severe bloating I experienced daily significantly reduced, the excess weight came off and more importantly my moods were getting cheerier by the day! (unless I didn't get a good night's sleep🤦🏼‍♀️🤭). I used to get every cold and flu going and then suddenly I saw my immune system ramp up its gears to turbo which meant I could actually enjoy life again! Also my skin, to this day has never been better... (ok so healing my gut has had quite a few benefits now I come to think about it!) hence why I believe with all my heart it is so very important to address the health of your gut.

How I did this (and how I work with my clients) is to: Remove all the toxins and damaging foods that harm the gut lining, upgrade your nutrition to a healthy whole foods and high fat diet, reduce inflammation throughout the body, add in specific supplements that support and rebuild the gut lining and then repopulate the gut with probiotics. My personal favourite brand is @vsl3_uk they are simply amazing.

However there is still one more step!

Prebiotics! - this is simply indigestible fibre that acts as food for the good bacteria. It helps them survive and thrive for longer in our digestive tract and keeps them healthy which in turn keeps us healthy. Foods rich in prebiotics include such things as chicory root, asparagus, artichokes, leeks, sauerkraut (unpasteurised) kimchi and inulin. Eating a wide, diverse diet full of whole, natural foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables will help to keep your microbiome happy- eat the colours of the rainbow.

Love Mellissa

mellissa laycy