Digital Detox

Too much of what you love??

Don't get my wrong, I LOVE what I do! But because I love it I don't ever have any downtime... I don't remember the last time I got lost in a novel or allowed myself to binge watch a good TV series on netflix or go on a truly relaxing beach holiday.

After 2 years of being flat out busy online building my health coaching career, collaborating with some amazing brands & inspirational people, setting up two wellness retreats and helping my 1:1 clients i've realised a few things about good digital hygiene when it comes to my work life.

Below are my top ten tips for you if the line between work and play is getting muddled.

1. WhatsApp - Turn off your 'last seen', it stops you feeling guilty for not replying straight away... Jumping to the beck and call of a message is distracting and exhausting and makes you feel like you are always on call. Take your time back into your own hands.

2. Voice notes - Ask your lengthy voice note leavers to keep it to 30 seconds or less! Set clear boundaries and remember that your time is precious and should be respected. You wouldn't leave a 5 minute answerphone message to somebody's home phone so why is a long voice note any different?

3. Get clear that the impulse to check emails, WhatsApp messages, Instagram or Facebook Dm's are little adrenaline hits and can be addictive! Find healthier alternatives to boost your mood like a 10 minute dance work out on YouTube - this will leave you feeling inspired, healthy, more toned and won't mentally drain you.

4. If you're having a family weekend and want to really exorcise the digital 😈 then delete your apps for a few days, set up and out of office reply on your email account. The world won't end just because you haven't logged in for 48hours.

5. Phones - off the table if you're on a date with your partner or hanging out with a friend. My boyfriend and I never have our phones out if we are in a restaurant together, it is a third wheel and feels like someone else is in the room with us.

6. Turn your sound notifications off on all your apps.

7. Set clear guidelines (firstly to yourself and then express these timeframes to the people you work with) about when you are available to reply to your clients, work tasks, emails, Instagram Dm's.

8.Get a morning routine that doesn't start with answering emails from under the covers! (Guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) Do YOU first - yoga, meditation, intension setting, workout, breakfast etc.. Then get back into bed and answer those emails if you so wish 😂

9. Overdosing on screen time? download an app like @socialfever that helps you to track how long you spend on social media. Set your daily limit to keep you on track from endless scrolling whether it's for work or otherwise.

10. Nature, nature, nature! The Victorians were sent to the seaside as medicine! The negative ions we need from being by the ocean and cleansing sea salt in the air have multiple benefits! I also like to walk bare foot on the grass as rubber soled shoes cut our connection off to the earth, try it as it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

With all this said I'm off to Babbington House & Spa in Somerset for the next three days and will be taking my first digital detox in 2 years! No emails, WhatsApp, phone calls or Instagram. See you on Friday 😘

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