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Over the years I have worked as a creative holistic chef in some incredible venues around the world including spending many months as a live in chef at Merkebah Community (Portugal), catering alongside my friend Elin for over 400 people for Twice In Nature’s New Years party (Goa), I was also part of the core kitchen team at Monte Sahaja - Mooji’s Ashram in Monchique. I have worked with The Simply Rawgeous Cafe at many UK festivals and have catered for small social events and countless yoga and wellness retreats in Europe.

If you would like to talk to me about catering for your event or yoga retreat please get in touch below.


Mellissa was a pleasure to work with and have on the retreat. All the guest loved her warmth and kindness and the food was out of the this world. Everyone felt so well after eating her delicious recipes and her creativity and attention to detail was amazing. Every meal was so well thought out and tasted amazing. Mellisa makes vegan food exciting, tasting and interesting. She works so hard and puts her heart and soul into delivering the very best. I would highly recommend her catering and will absolutely be hiring her again.


Fiona Lamb, Hypnotherapist, Harley Street


I met Melissa in India 5 years ago and we quickly connected over our passion for food, nutrition, yoga, health and spirituality. We have worked together at various events, parties and retreats. Mellissa is a wonderful chef and knows about creating deliciously tasty and balanced meals.

In 2014 we prepared a complete raw-food based meal and catered for the New year celebration in Goa, India. I highly recommend her for any event big or small. Melissa has a well of knowledge about nutrition and gives great advice as a health coach. Her beautiful personality and passion for her work shines through every thing she does. There is no doubt that I will be working with Melissa for my next yoga retreat.

Facebook @YogaWithElin

Elin Albrecht, Yoga teacher, bournemouth

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Melly came to cater and teach nutrition on my 'Waking The Goddess Retreat', she bought joy, gorgeous food, was encouraging and inspired these women to nourish their mind, bodies and souls with natures medicine cabinet. Every guest wanted each recipe of Mels and felt full in every aspect from all as she bought to the waking the goddess retreat.



Hannah Shetler, Granada

Melly is a magical human to have around spreading her energy. She has the skills to create astounding and tasty dishes in the kitchen that at the core of them healing for the body and respectful to the earth. Totally epic on all levels. She is multi skilled and talented and I’ve always offered her to be involved in all Projects I’ve ran since meeting her. ( Anth is the Creator of Rise & Shine parties, Paravana, Rainbow City healing and Swankeys).



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It has been an absolute pleasure to have Mellissa catering at our All Flow Yoga “Nourish Your Soul” retreat earlier this year in Marrakesh. Mellissa also catered for my first ever retreat and since then we have worked together creating out own wellness get aways together! Mellissa developed a nutritiously balanced and delicious plant based menu for the retreat and catered for us during the stay. For breakfast we enjoyed gorgeous chia seeds puddings and delicious smoothies and then the evening meals were a range of filling curries, creative salads and after dinner treats, our yogis were totally spoiled. 

In addition to putting together a delicious menu, Mellissa ran couple of interesting workshops focusing on gut health and superfoods, which were received very well. Mellissa is truly passionate about healthy eating and this shines throughout her work! We loved working together and so we are already partnering with Mellissa for another retreat! 


Jennifer Kesik, yoga teacher, bournemouth


Melly rang me about a year after meeting us at a festival, which was a fair while back now... 5 years. She was very keen to see if she could join & help out with us. She had mentioned how she had done a raw gourmet course in bali & how she was on a very different path to her old London life. It unfolded that Mellissa joined us at a small event called Rest Fest where she was one of the (or actually the most) keen & enthusiastic of all the crew at the event. Mellissa was so enjoying the experience that she did not want to leave the kitchen, doing much more time than was required. She was so absorbed and quickly assimilating, learning some of these (for her at the time) unfamiliar recipes. Then she was straight into creating the foods on our menu. I remember guiding Mellissa creating raw lasagne's, pizza bases, falafel wraps & I'm sure there was much more. I distinctly remember these one's as they were created with such attention & love of which they became a reflection of that. To add to all that, she was bright alive & positive throughout the whole event... Mellissa joined us again at the 'Festival of Life' and brought the same skills and attitude as before. Would love to have her join our team again Blessings Pete.

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Pete Taylor, Chef, Brighton