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Hi I'm Mellissa, an Integrative Health Coach, specialising in gut health and creating good mood food recipes! I'm dedicated to getting your health and happiness to a thriving blissful state using only what nature has to offer. 


β€œ My holistic approach to whole body healing is the core of my belief system and throughout my work, the information on this website and my Instagram feed I wish to share with you everything I have learnt.

Please immerse yourself with my free tools, tips, recipes, resources and inspiration to help you empower and educate yourself on becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself you have ever known”.


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Twice a week I write an Instagram post designed to entertain, enlighten and educate you all about various different aspects of health and wellness. I look into subjects ranging from weightless, natural boosting fertility treatments, and curing the dreaded bloat! I also give away my free recipes, share my knowledge on ancient healing techniques and report to you about the dangers of certain foods and toxic house hold items. I also do daily stories letting you know all various things I am getting up to throughout the week whether this interviewing a fellow health expert or trying out some weird and wonderful foods in undiscovered areas of town.

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yoga Retreat

In April 2019 myself and Jenifer Kesik will be taking a group of girls to Marrakesh for a 7 day Yoga get away. Relax in total bliss at the beautiful traditional riad house, deepen your yoga practice with twice daily yoga classes and renew and inspire your soul with empowering life coaching workshops.

Rise and Shine wellness parties

Earlier this year Anth Lowther (Founder of Rainbow City & Paravana) asked me to help with his vision of creating a conscious, alcohol free party in London where people could dance, de-stress and enjoy music from an incredible line up of DJ's, while making deep soul connections and enjoying plant based drinks, food and delicious deserts. Come and meet us at the next event.”            

nuzest plant based protein

I recently started working with the company Nuzest who make an incredible plant based, whole foods protein powder called 'Clean Lean Protein'. I’m now managing their European Instagram account so go give them a follow. I'll be working alongside the team at trade shows, providing recipes and curating interviews with some of their expert formulators and scientists. For a 10% discount on any Nuzest products bought through their website enter LAYCY10 at checkout.

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