Over the last year I have had the pleasure of working with various different people with varying health and lifestyle complaints, I can honestly say my biggest joy is receiving messages from them saying that their health has improved or a condition has been cured. I am so proud of all the people I have worked with, it does take an effort to make dietary and lifestyle changes but when the results start showing it is totally worth the pay off.


You know when they say that sometimes you need a sign to take you to the right direction? Well that day texting Mellissa was my sign and my solution. I had been suffering from terrible nerve and tendon pain in my shoulder related to inflammation. I had a very busy life and didn’t know how to heal it. “It will go away”, I kept saying, but the pain was taking up most of my thoughts. It was a continuous pounding all the way from my shoulder to my elbow. It was driving me crazy! One day I was scrolling trough Instagram and I saw Melly’s post. “DM me if u need help resolving a health problem”or something between those lines. I decided that I did need help. I didn’t want to stuff my body with pills. The pain was physical, it was inside me. I Got in touch with Melly and she promptly asked me some questions about my diet and over all life style. She came back to me with a program that I diligently followed (and still do) it has cured the inflammation and i now live a better lifestyle. She asked me to eliminate some food from my diet, to add some new ones in and also some supplements too. After a few months my inflammation went away. She kept in touch with me, my progress and sent me some of her yummy recipes !!!I now I can do yoga, play tennis, exercise again and lift weights with ease. I am ever grateful ! Thank you so much, I am sure our paths will meet again! With love , Alia

Mellissa has been a great help and she has been an amazing coach who has supported me and helped me to get my health back on track. Thanks to her I feel amazing, I have changed my lifestyle and it has really paid off. I am really grateful. Mellissa is an caring, warm person with great energy. Her story inspires me and she is a perfect example that anything can be achieved if you believe and act on it.



Feature 3

I was three days from flying to Ibiza for a much needed family holiday when my left ankle was struck by the worst bout of gout I have ever experienced. I could barely walk and was actually researching how t get a crutch onto the aeroplane. On our arrival things were no better and my daughter contacted her friend Mellissa for some advice.

Mellissa sent through a thoughtfully tailor-made document, the title of which is ‘Gout Healing in 24-48 Hours’/ This contained detailed advice on which foods to avoid and which to enjoy with gusto. For once in my life I did what I was told and followed the advice to the letter. The result was amazing; Mellissa’s recipe for recovery worked like a dream — within 36 hours I was walking, cycling and swimming, pain free.

Many thanks Mellissa, you saved my holiday!

Hugh Munro

“I followed all of your advice pretty much to the letter (up to and including the a big pot of organic broth - yum and the wild oregano oil – blurgh! and I was back at my lovely work place yesterday.

This is an unprecedented rate of recovery for me - normally this kind of thing would totally knock me out for a week (often two) and leave me completely bedridden. I am amazed at how quickly my body can heal given the right conditions! I’ll remain on the supplements while I’m still not quite 100% (I’m about 80% there) but I am so happy with how well I’m feeling now.

Thank you with all my heart for your help - I am so very grateful for your help.

With much love,