Hi, I’m Mellissa

Hi I'm Mellissa, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in gut health and good mood food! I'm dedicated to getting your health and happiness to a thriving, blissful state using only what nature has to offer. 


“Conventional methods of healing the body tend to put a plaster over a symptom with potentially harmful medication and unnecessary procedures.

My aim is to get to the root cause of your health concerns and address them at the core so true healing takes place.

Holistic, whole body healing is the foundation of my belief system. Throughout the information on this website and my Instagram feed I wish to share with you how you can take your health to the next level.”

Please immerse yourself in my website which contains free tools, tips, recipes, resources and inspirational blog posts to help you empower and educate yourself on becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself you have ever known”.

“Judge a Doctor simply by how hard they try and get you off medication”.



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Rise and Shine wellness parties

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“Mellissa has helped me to make some really easy and simple changes to my diet which really seem to be working! What I absolutely love is that Mellissa is always there with advice and always open to answering any questions I may have. 

Thank you Mellissa for making me start to feel like me again”.

Cordelia, London UK


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Join me over on Instagram where my posts and stories cover various different aspects of health and wellness ranging from weight loss, fertility treatments, IBS, relationship advice and interesting new health hacks. Get to know me on a personal level and see what I get up to in my spare time, the things I eat and places I visit.